Crop Insurance

Most frequently asked questions
You shouldn’t have to. Washburn Ag Services prides ourself on making sure that you never fill out a form. That is our job, not yours.
We can come to you! In the tractor, your dining room table, the local diner, or we can meet at Ovid Elevator Company. Where ever is most convenient for you!
We call you before each important deadline. It is your job to farm and our job to inform you of those dates so nothing gets forgotten.
While it is true that all crop insurance costs the same, there are a thousand different ways to customize a plan that works best for you. We offer a knowledge of those options so your plan is working for you and doesn’t end up as just another bill to pay.
We understand that farming is not an 8:00-5:00 job, and our business isn’t either. We aim to make your life easier and more profitable.
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